Capture Readers Attention With Personalized Copy Writing

Capture Readers Attention

Four Ways to Capture Readers Attention

Your writing success has a lot to do with how people react to copy that you produce. Because it’s the kind of writing they can relate to, people like to read what speaks to them directly. This is why many writers take great pains to ensure that their copy is personalized so that readers will feel that it was written with their interests and needs specifically in mind. If you don’t capture readers attention, your copy writing has failed.

Readers Interest

Being able to personalize your copy means that what you will produce is unique– a testament to your skills and talent. If you want to personalize your copy, here are 4 ways you can use your one-of-a-kind style to write copy that truly stands out:

Know who you are

Psychologists, writers and marketers from Hippocrates to Brian Tracy have created labels to categorize each person’s personality. That’s why you get words such as Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and melancholic and the more recent Driver, Analytical, Amiable and Expressive. What about you? Are you upbeat? Assertive? Aggressive? Optimistic? Laid Back?

If it’s still unclear to you, find out which personality type you are. Taking tests or asking close friends for their opinions will help. You could also check your writings in the past so you can compare how you have progressed over time. Ask your friends if they think your writing will capture readers attention or not.

Be who you are

Instead of pretending to be someone else, use your own quirks and personal ways of expression to write your copy. You’ll find that it will be easier to write and the flow of the copy will be looser and more effortless.

One common mistake among writers is that they try to be something they are not, thinking that readers will appreciate the effort. Wrong. Readers can be quite clever at spotting fakes so the tone and manner of your writing will tell them whether you’re bluffing or not.

Speak to your readers through your writing

Writing is a means of expression, so it has the same function as speech– to reach and communicate out. Instead of agonizing over how to personalize your copy, try to speak to your readers through your writing but use the tone and style that you would use if you were speaking.

When writing, try using the second and first person. If you want to personalize your copy when writing about organic vegetable planting, for example, avoid using third person nouns such as ‘the gardener’, ‘they’ or ‘them’. Use ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘you’ or ‘your’ to make it sound as if you’re talking directly to the person.

Imagine that you and your reader are engaged in a real discussion. How would you talk? How would you present your ideas? What words would you use? By writing an article that sounds as if you were speaking to the reader directly, you will be able to produce a highly personalized copy. The flow of ideas will be much more easy and natural to relate to.

Personalize your copy but be useful

There is a point in a writer’s work where he or she must compromise. The end-user of a write-up is not the writer but his readers. All your efforts would be in vain if your readers can not relate to or understand what you have to say.

Try to write copy that your readers will find useful and interesting, something that will allow your personality to shine through at the same time. Personalize your copy by making sure that readers equate you to quality write-ups and information that they can truly make use of and value.

If you are able to perfect the above, you can write good sales copy for online marketing and generate lots of leads for companies. You will be well paid for just writing alone.

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  1. Nice article. I like the part where you speak to your readers. Its a personal moment when your reader reads your article and what you are writing. It should be visually playing in the mind what you are describing. Getting the reader to remember you in meaningful way.

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