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Somerville News Writer Space is for great voices to be heard. Write anything that trigger deep thoughts and what life has to bring. Articles about things, business, life and whatsoever that will educate, entertain and engage people. The art of communication is getting tougher as the media is cluttered with lots of noises. Businesses are trying very hard to have their brand communication heard by their target audience. People are shouting out loud through social media to have themselves presented well to peers. Our world has changed so much over the short period of 20 years ever since internet became a prominent part of everybody's life. From the mass media of radio and television to today's digital and internet age, the transformation took a leap of a century.

We are people of opinion, people who needs attention from the world. We love to share what is facing the people these days. If you are interested to share your story, write to us to have it publish here. We accept only originally written article and interesting enough to engage people.

If your passion is writing, we like to hear from you and have regular contribution of articles of various topics. We'll review the articles you have written and share in our blog with credit to you for your contribution. 

For more information, please contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Writer festival is a sacred space for those who has good story and something worth sharing. Is a news platform for thoughts, ideas and how to blog. This is the beginning of a new start for our blog and we will continuously update and improve our space.

Writer Festival

Useful Articles About Writing

Check out some of the useful articles from our blog. They will help you understand more about copy writing and how to improve on your skills. Copy writing is an art of words, which require the understanding of thought process. A good copy writer is able to ready minds and anticipate what the readers will think and feel. They are able to move the thought to a compelling action after reading the words written in an article. If you can master the thoughts with good expression of words, you can be an expert copy writer and write great articles in any niche. In Writers Festival, we hope to share with you good quality article and advise.